How to pay credit card slip?

In addition to allowing you to purchase products and services, you can pay your credit cards with your credit card. This function can be a good ally to pay off your personal accounts. But remember that this feature is for emergency situations and not every card allows this function.

Ideally, you can check if your credit card offers this possibility. To make your life uncomplicated, here are some tips on how you can perform this procedure calmly and safely. See below:


Your bank app

The most practical way is to check if the financial institution application has the option to pay credit card. Generally, you must first authorize your mobile phone at ATMs or also via internet banking.

Please note that in some cases you will need to contact your bank manager to align this release.


Internet banking to pay credit card slips

Internet banking to pay credit card slips

Another option to pay credit card is through internet banking. To help you, we set up the walkthrough of this process:

  • Access your account through internet banking;
  • Search for the option “Payment”;
  • Enter the billet barcode;
  • Click on “Credit Card”;
  • Authorize payment with your password.




Another alternative to credit card payment is through a call center. However, you need to check if the bank allows this and the value of the service.


Worth it?

credit loan

It depends because as we said at the beginning of this article, paying your credit card bills should only be for emergency situations. This is because the Financial Transaction Tax (IOF) is charged on every financial transaction. That way, if the customer has money to settle their account now, it is not advisable to use the card. Our tip for you to keep track of your spending is to put everything you earn and spend on the tip of your pencil.

To help you, we have separated a financial spreadsheet that assists in managing personal expenses. Also remember to always save a portion of what you earn for emergencies. Did you write down these tips? Then tell us if you ever had to use your credit card to pay for a ticket. To the next!