What do you know about conscious credit card spending?

Who doesn’t want to reach the end of the month and still have money left, right? The use of the card makes our life much easier, if the credit card is consciously spent!

Today we give you tips on how to get the most out of your card and have no headaches, with a tight budget, influencing to seek debt repayment or even the dreaded minimum payment.

The card is sometimes reputed to be dangerous as it may have high rates. But most of the time he can be your ally as he organizes his accounts, showing in detail where he spent, when and how much. In addition to giving a good deadline for payments, for example, for larger amounts, which can be paid next month.


Conscious credit card spend, see expert tips:

1. Choice of card

credit card

Choose the card that fits your needs. When applying for a credit card, note the interest and annuity rates. Our tip for you who wants to apply for your first card, with a manageable limit and no annual fee, is the Nubank card.


2. Plan your spending

Most credit cards allow customers to track their spending through the app or even on Internet Banking. This keeps you from exceeding your limit and budget. The tip is to decrease your net revenue by 50%, this gives a big breath.


3. Pay the full amount of your bill

credit payment

This helps a lot in conscious credit card spending. Do not be tempted to pay only the minimum or even to split your bill. Rates can be high and turn into a big snowball. Only at the revolving interest rate, they reach almost 230% per year, according to the CareOne Bank. By not paying the full amount of your bill, you borrow what was not agreed, remember that!


4. Centralize your accounts

credit loan

If you have more than one credit card, centralizing your accounts may be a good custom. You can, for example, use a card for food and clothing, and one just for car or home expenses. This helps to track and organize spending.


5. Card invoice due date

Choose a date after payment of your salary, smart tip for bills not to expire and generate fees.


6. Take Advantage

6. Take Advantage

Your card has a banner like Mastercard, Visa, Link, Etc. These banners offer really cool benefits you may not know about. Enjoy reading and taking advantage of many banner promotions:

  • MaterCard
  • Visa
  • Link
  • American Express

Be aware of your card spending and use it consciously. After all, it can help a lot in everyday life! Questions or suggestions, leave in the comments. To the next!