Aid arrives to help keep baymen afloat as government declares Peconic Bay scallop fishery a disaster



The federal government recently declared the Peconic Bay scallop fishery a national disaster, which will allow baians who make a living from scallop fishing to receive federal disaster assistance.

Since the 1980s, the Peconic Bay scallop has suffered many setbacks.

For two years, the scallop, considered the jewel of Peconic Bay, has been found dead at harvest time.

With 80-90% of scallops dead and more than a million dollars in lost revenue, the baymen say they want answers on the how and why.

The stony stream Marine and Research Lab is conducting an experiment to find out what causes scallops to die.

Dr Chris Gobler from Stony Brook According to the Marine Research Center, several factors are contributing to the disappearance of scallops.

“Temperatures are warmer, oxygen levels are low, or harmful algal blooms are on the increase,” Gobler said. “There is a parasite involved, so we have to get to the root of it all, find solutions and hopefully get this fishery back.”

It is not known how much of the federal aid money will be given to the baymen, but some of the aid could be used to fund Peconic Bay scallop restoration efforts.


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