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When it comes to dancing, my granddaughters Chloe and Lily are more gifted with their little fingers than my two 11-foot heights. And if you’re trying to improve your groping footwork with something that inspires you like wine, that doesn’t help.

So it was fitting that a recent recital of the girls they were dancing with had taken place in the vineyards.

They didn’t play in the tap hall – although they had some excellent tap routines – but they danced around 250 people in a tent on the grounds of Peconic Bay Vineyards in Cutchogue, NY. Surprised the fan audience.

The show is hosted by the Inspired Dance Center in Southold, NY, where the girls take classes. And where do I have to be?

“We have an adult class,” said artistic director Megan Gratin, known to students as Miss Megan.

“I can’t cut the rug, so you’ll have your work cut out for you,” I told him.

But because the emphasis was on the performers, it could wait – in my opinion the best of them were Chloe and Lily.

Of the 18 dances on the program, 5 were Chloé 3 and Lily 2.

The third act was “Dumbo the Flying Elephant,” featuring the preschool ballet class.

Lily took the lead, jumped onto a large stage and stood on the far left in the front row. She smiled and waved, acknowledging the smiles and waves from me and my wife Sue, our daughter Lauren and her husband Guillaume, and the girl’s parents. We were seated in a folding chair about halfway back from the tent.

My main contribution to the show was laughing, clapping and shouting “It was awesome! “. I wanted people around me to express my gratitude.

I am certainly grateful for Lily’s performance with her arms crossed and her hips spinning to the beat of “Baby Mine”. She smiled widely as the class left the stage and received a loud applause.

Chloe performed in the eighth routine, “Magic Carpet Ride”, featuring a first and second year ballet. After sitting cross-legged in front, she stood up and showed a perfect jump from “Aladdin” to “A Whole New World” lineage and smooth leg movements. Chloe smiled loudly at the end and received enthusiastic applause along with the other girls.

“Oh, that was great! Chirped.

The young mothers lined up in front of us turned and smiled.

Chloé reappeared in the 1st and 2nd year tap dance classes of act 12 “The Little Mermaid’s Journey”. In the tension of the “submarine” she moved perfectly from left to right and back to the front row, and again finished in front. The choreography was great. Chloe smiled as she and the other girl left the stage, giving way to the next routine featuring Lily.

She was the most dynamic performer of “Seeds with Nimo and Friends” featuring preschool tap dancing lessons. When she motioned to Lily at the start of “Just Keep Swimming”, Lily smiled with a big smile. She continued to dance until the end of the song and greeted as she left the stage.

After three routines, Chloe performed “Splash Mountain” with the song “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” with a jazz band in first and second year. What a wonderful dance I am! Chloe did a perfect leg lift, jump and arm lift, ended in a great finish with her hands on her hips, waving her hands and starting with a smile.

At the end of the show, Chloe and Lily received flowers from Lauren and Guillaume, and from me and Sue. They posed for the photo and said they had a great time. Then we all went to the vineyards and sat at the outside table so the girls could eat fries and the adults could have light meals.

“This wine makes me want to dance! I said.

“Please,” Sue said, “while sitting down. “

Later, Miss Megan told me that Chloe and Lily were some of her best students.

“Maybe they can surprise Simon Cowell by appearing on ‘America’s Got Talent’,” I said.

“We never know!” Miss Megan responded.

“Should they hire an agent? ” I asked.

“Of course, Chloe,” she said. “Lily will be Chloe’s agent. Chloe knows all the routines and Lily is the leader. They even correct my mistakes.

“And me?” I was wondering.

“You might be in our adult tap dance class,” Ms. Meagan suggested. “We have retired women. They danced when they were young and wanted to go back.

“For me, taps include beer,” I said. “Or wine. It won’t help me dance better. Simon Cowell will agree.

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