Miley Cyrus gives private concert for Hamptons billionaire


Looks like Bitcoin billionaire Michel novogratz may have ruffled some of the feathers of her well-heeled Amagansett neighbors by throwing a birthday party on August 1, with a live concert featuring Miley Cyrus, for his daughter, actress Gabriela Novogratz.

Sources tell us the financial genius might have ignored a few city ordinances to turn the evening into a once in a lifetime extravaganza with Cyrus as entertainment.

After the singer-songwriter appeared at Lollapalooza in Chicago, she hopped on a private jet and flew to East Hampton Airport, where she was whisked away to the party that was in full swing. field. Among the songs on her set list, Cyrus, wearing a red leotard, performed her hits “Party in the USA”, “We Can’t Stop”, “Wrecking Ball”, “Love, Money, Party” and ” Plastic Hearts ”, and covers of“ Heart of Glass ”and“ Where Is My Mind? From Blondie by The Pixies, to name a few.

The over-the-top party had a mermaid theme, with underwater waders and mermaids performing everywhere.

The guests would have included Samantha cohen, Steven sachs and Charlotte bickley, among others.

According to a source, “Miley killed at the party, which was perhaps the best Hamptons event of all summer.”

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