“The Power of Proximity”: Staten Island Identified as a Market Transforming Luxury Real Estate

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury has named Staten Island among the nation’s top five markets for spacious, opulent, high-priced single-family homes. There is evidence of this designation in recent sales. This 10,400 square foot four-bedroom, seven-bathroom home on Nicolosi Loop in Annadale sold for $2.325 million in 2021. (Photo courtesy of SIBOR)

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Think Staten Island real estate is overcrowded? Too many terraced houses and a patchwork of average properties of 40×100? A new analysis conducted by Coldwell Banker Global Luxury challenges that notion, naming the borough as one of the nation’s top five markets for spacious, opulent and high-priced single-family homes.

“The Opportunity Index, compiled from market data and research by Wealth-X commissioned by Coldwell Banker Global Luxury, highlights 120 top U.S. luxury real estate markets based on their ‘opportunity’ or buying potential,” a Coldwell Banker representative said of the report. . “Staten Island has been identified as a luxury destination, ranking among the highest in terms of inventory levels in the 120 markets analyzed, maintaining a 20% increase in inventory levels from 2020.”

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