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A native of Hampton Roads has published a new book to help people use their pain to fuel their goal.

Eric Newman’s book “What Hope Looks Like” was released on September 21 and is aimed at those looking to start a nonprofit organization but aren’t sure how. After years of learning the hard way, Newman wrote the book that will serve as a road map.

“I wanted to give a unique perspective on the pain that is not my fault and make it a goal,” Newman said.

Newman started his own nonprofit, Roc Solid Foundations, after years of trying and learning experiences. His non-profit organization serves children diagnosed with pediatric cancer and their families. One of the main objectives of the association is to build playsets in the garden of those diagnosed.

“The only thing you don’t have to teach kids is how to play, and unfortunately that’s the first thing that’s taken away from them,” Newman said.

The organization also provides ready bags for families upon first diagnosis. These bags contain everything a family might need for an unexpected hospital stay, including toiletries, blanket, journal, tablet and more. These bags are distributed to around 50 children’s hospitals across the country. These bags not only give families the items they need, but also let them know someone cares.

Childhood cancer is close to Newman because he is a survivor after being diagnosed with liver cancer at the age of 3.

Newman wrote the book in light of his personal experiences with childhood cancer as well as a loss in the construction industry in 2008 to create something better.

“If someone’s been through homelessness or addiction, they’re still in that pain and ask why, but they’ve moved on to the other side,” Newman said. “I lost everything in the construction world and didn’t have a dime, but I took that pain to fuel my goal.”

Newman hopes this book inspires people to turn their pain into a goal, even if it inspires only one reader that has a ripple effect.

The book is available on and Amazon.


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