Virginia Tech Students Grateful for ‘Orderly’ Entrances to Lane Stadium | University


There were at least 30 law enforcement officers and stadium workers stationed at various points along the line. When a point on the line became blocked, an employee removed a trash can to open a new path.

“Definitely more controlled, not so crazy,” junior Tech Ben Hornbeck said in Saturday’s game. “Last week we were pushed. … They increased security [Saturday], they organized it better and there are fewer people.

“We got in a lot faster today than last weekend,” said Kerry O’Sullivan, a sophomore technical student.

Lack of staff has been a problem in Tech games this season. Some students blamed the overcrowding at the Notre Dame game on overwhelmed workers letting students in with bogus or no tickets.

In last week’s letter, Tech warned that students “illegally entering the game or violating line protocols” would be referred to Tech’s student conduct office.

The students said stadium staff did a meticulous job of checking tickets on Saturday and even turned away some people who did not have the correct tickets.

“There were still a lot of people, but it was a lot more organized,” said Emma Fravel, technical senior, in Saturday’s game. “They had the bag checked further back, and it kind of streamlined the process to get to where they were. [scan] your tickets. … Last week, ticket inspectors, it didn’t look like they were actually checking tickets. They didn’t really scan it. They scanned it today.

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