Winchester City Council planning requests


01/01778 / FUL, Parker, Full Planning Request for Unit 3 Use Change, Council Depot, Lower Track, Class B1 (c) at Sui Generis Fire Station for a Temporary Period, including elevation changes, board deposit, lower track.

Wild boar hunting

21/01687 / FUL, J. Keet, conservation of the existing building to serve as a community hub [Class F2(b)], The Stables The Old Pigsty, Firgrove Lane, North Boarhunt.

Common cold

21/01696 / HOU, Mr & Mrs Eyles, two story rear and one story front extension, 26 Tees Farm Road.

021/02011 / TPO, Tony & Tessa (unnamed), arboriculture, 6 St Vigor Way.


01/21 723 / HOU, Mr. Newman, one-story attic extension, Manor Lodge, Peach Hill Lane.


21/02021 / REM, Drew Smith Homes Limited, Approval of Questions Reserved for 112 Dwellings and Associated Works, North Whiteley Urban Extension, Botley Road, Curbridge.


01/21992 / TPO, Maureen Phillips, arboricultural work, Rest Harrow, Uplands Road.

01/21994 / TPO, Dr Madden, arboriculture, Rookesbury, Uplands Road.


01/21 719 / HOU, Samantha Hamilton, replacing a very old large wooden outbuilding, Mill End House, Parsonage Lane.

01/21736 / FUL, Scott Beazley, land use change to brokerage and alternative housing offered using existing access from Greenwood Lane, Greenwood Farm, Greenwood Lane.

Worthy Headbourne

21/01760 / HOU, Mr & Mrs Strange, conversion of part of existing garage to home office including new openings in existing masonry and patio area, 11 Bingham Road.

21/02014 / TPO, Mrs. R Jarvis, arboriculture, 5 Barton Farm, Andover Road.


01/21 762 / HOU, Polly Evans, driveway formation following site excavation and clearing, 6 Catways.

Littleton and Harestock

01/01801 / FUL, Beverley Hayes, replacement of the existing farm barn with a detached four bedroom detached house, land at the back of Larch Cottage, Main Road, Littleton.


21/01761 / HOU, Mr & Mrs Saunders, erection of a single storey garden shed in the back garden, 8 Dairy Place, Northbrook.

New Alresford

21/01688 / HOU, Gary Byrne, 1 story front extension to existing dwelling to align with existing neighboring extension, Bude, Bridge Road.

21/01698 / HOU, Benjamin Gower, Erection of 2.6m high featherboard fence 11.9m long, 4 Windermere Gardens.

01/21703 / HOU, Margaret Hooper, new power sliding doors at the entrance to the existing driveway, 74 The Dean.

21/01728 / HOU, Mr B Weijers, single storey rear extension, 4 Corfe Close.

02/02003 / FUL, Natta, modification of condition number 22 on request 16/01854 / FUL and modifications made to request 20/01045 / FUL. Updated blueprints to show new bin storage serving Blocks A and B, with a new sprinkler tank room in the basement and an updated bin store for Blocks C, D and E, Huxley UK Ltd, The Dean.


21/01681 / HOU, Oliver Purvis, one story sloped roof extension to create utility room, toilet and reception hall as well as the formation of a dormer roof to the side, Tinkers Coppice, Poles Lane.


21/01732 / HOU, MD Cartwright, Conservation of Canopy, Shed, Southeast Boundary Fence and Partially Raised Garden (retrospective), 19 The Ridings, Waltham Chase.

21/01745 / LDP, Mrs. Grant, New Single Storey Outbuilding, Ordesa, 20 Evelyn Close, Waltham Chase.

21/01816 / HOU, Glen Smith, two storey extension on the southwest side of the property to create an open car park and utility room on the ground floor with a new bedroom and bathroom on the first floor, Dayshs Cottage , Black Horse Lane.


21/01764 / AVC, M. Firth, installation of replacement illuminated and non-illuminated signs outside the building, Unit E1 and Unit E2, Whiteley Shopping Center, Whiteley Way.


21/01836 / HOU, Mme C Duffy, first floor extension (shown on 20/02156 / HOU), 16 Cold Harbor Close.

City of Winchester

21/01567 / FUL, Wood (no details), 1 story rear extension, 5 Stanmore Lane, Stanmore.

01/21609 / FUL, Robin Hutson, Variable Application Permission Condition “At no time will the Annex be sold as an independent accommodation unit”, The Old Coach House, St Swithun Street.

21/01622 / FUL, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stanley, conversion of a loft into a multi-occupancy house including a skylight to the rear, 10 St Cross Road.

21/01694 / HOU, 21/01695 / LIS Dr Hugh Sanderson, replacement of an existing rear window on the ground floor with an existing window, but with single glazing replaced by 12mm double glazed units, 11 Eastgate Street.

21/01734 / HOU, Robert Smith, demolition of veranda and replacement by rear extension; new lateral extension (west) to create a technical room with new solar panels and a charging station for electric vehicles; new PVC windows; 1no new skylight on the south elevation; coated and painted finish on the west, north and south sides; 1 step of laurel to remove and replace with 2 steps of fruit trees in the raised beds in the back garden, 7 conifers nearby.

21/01856 / AVC, Jessica Tubb, two new battery-lit outdoor menu display boxes, Shoal Restaurant and Takeaway, Winchester Guildhall, The Broadway.

01/21989 / TPO, Mrs. Metcalf, arboriculture, 39b St Cross Road.

01/21993 / TPO, Bousfield-Bury (no details), arboricultural work, 18 Grange Road, St Cross.

021/02010 / TPC, Kerry Jack, tree work, Deane Lodge, St Faith’s Road, St Cross.

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